Betting Guide

MILWAUKEE - JULY 22: Steve Flesch crouches down as he misses a putt on the 18th green during the final round of the U.S. Bank Championship at Brown Deer Golf Course on July 22, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)With the advent of live television coverage of golf, sports-betting has grown from strength to strength, particularly now that it is possible to place bets online. This means less time and effort on the behalf of the prospective punter.

There are several large, reputable online bookmakers available and individual ‘bookies’ will offer odds on all sorts of aspects of the sport. Not only do they accept wagers on predicted winners or match-ups between specific golfers, but some offer odds on the longest putt, or the longest drive, and so on.

Milwaukee Championship Betting Guide: Most Popular Bets

Outright picks/bets

Here the punter simply has to wager on who will win the 2009 Milwaukee Championship. The odds offered by bookmakers will differ from golfer to golfer – the most prolific will have shorter odds, and in turn the least experienced or less successful athletes will have longer odds.

For example the odds on South Africa’s Tim Clark (ranked 31) winning the Championship may be 2 -1, whereas the odds on a lesser known contestant like America’s Jeff Overton (ranked 250) could be as high as 20 -1. Thus if you place a bet of £100 on Tim Clark to win, and he does, you will receive £200 plus your original bet.

However should you place £100 on Overton winning at Brown Deer Park, and he is successful, you will be the lucky recipient £2000 plus your wager.


Here you have one golfer competing against another on the golf betting odds board, both of which are specified by the bookmakers. One possible matchup for the 2009 Milwaukee Championship could be Scott Verplank versus Charles Howell III. Both have been runners-up in the tournament in the past, but Verplank is ranked 25th on the Official World Golf Ranking, whereas Howell is ranked at number 38. Verplank may well be given odds of -240 and Howell +200. The punter will risk £240 for every £100 he wants to win on Verplank, and gets back £200 for every £100 he bets on Howell.

To be successful at sports betting it is imperative that you have as much information as possible about the golfers. For instance, in this Milwaukee Championship betting guide we suggest you familiarise yourself with the golf course, weather conditions and other variables that may affect the outcome of the tournament.

Professional punters spend hours gleaning insider information on the players themselves. Apart from the obvious ‘current form’ of the athlete it is also important to look at any problems they may be facing – injury, messy affairs or divorces, money problems and so on. All these elements will have some sort of impact on the athlete.

Current form does not only mean the golfer’s overall form, it is also important to look at his event history – how has he played at the Milwaukee Championship in the past, and has he played the same venue before, and if so, how did he feature.

Statistics too can be very helpful to the punter. Each player’s stats are individually recorded, and posted on the PGA Tour website. There are some tournaments, and courses, which favour the long-hitters, whereas others favour great putters. So, to be in with a shout, learn as much about your chosen golfer, his equipments, statistics, and the course he will be playing on.